Ningurra Napurrula.jpg

Ningura Napurrula

Country: Watulka, south of Kintore

DOB: c.1938

Ningura's paintings depict Wirrulnga, a rockhole in a small rocky outcrop, east of Kiwirrkura Community. Ancestral women of Napaltjarri and Napurrula kinship camped at this site, which is associated with birth. The ovals adjacent to the central circle represent the shape of a pregnant woman of the Napaltjarri kinship who gave birth at the site. The women perform dance and sing songs while at this site.

Women camped here before continuing their travels east. As they travel they gather bush food known as kampurarrpa (desert raisin). The arcs represent rocky outcrops and the sand hills surrounding the area.

Women's Ceremonies

Women's Ceremonies

Acrylic on Belgian linen. 300 x180 cms.