Water (Kapi Nguru)
Bush Beans and Wattle seeds
Women's Ceremony
Water (Kapi Nguru)
Inma (Women's Ceremony)

Trephina Sultan

Country: Kings Canyon, Ukaka, Northern Territory

DOB: 1967

Trephina spends her time between Kings Canyon and Darwin, where she works and often looks after her grandchildren. Subject that she paints include

Bush Tucker, Fire, Desert Oak, Kings Canyon, My Country, Women’s Ceremonies, Bush Honey, Spinifex Grass, Seven Sisters and Kapi (water).


Trephina is an only child, and spent most of her childhood sitting among artists, dotting herself and drawing stories. She speaks fluent English and Luritja. 


Trephina started off with dot painting, but has emerged with elegant brush strokes showing the topographical and undulation view of her country.

Trephina has five children, two sons and three daughters, all of whom paint. Her youngest son, Reuben Sultan, is following in his mother's footsteps.