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Cliff Reid

Born:  c1947–2010

Skin: Ngaanyatjarra

Language: Ngaanyatjarra

Location:  Wannarn

Cliff was born out bush with his mother and father, travelling in a largely nomadic lifestyle. He grew up in the Jameson area and went to school for a short time at Warburton Mission.


Cliff has three children with his first wife, Ivy, before moving to Blackstone where he married his second wife, Ruby. Together they have four children – three boys and a girl.


Cliff started painting in 2003 and loved to tell the many stories associated with his paintings. He was a man of considerable intellect, he had an amazing memory and could tell wonderful stories about his own life and culture as well as stories of the white explorers who have come through this country. Cliff would tell you that his work is in the style of the rock carvings and painting to be found in the central desert area.


Since June 2008, Cliff was living in Alice Springs for medical reasons. The good people at Ngurratjuta Art Centre in Alice were helping Cliff and Papulankutja Artists with his work until his passing on 19 March 2010.

Karlaya (Emu)

Karlaya (Emu)

88 x 119cms

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