Bill Harney

Artist:        Bill (William) Edward Yidumduma Harney,(Jr)

Group:       Wardaman

Country:   Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia

Age:            c.1936

Bill Harney (Jr) was born at Brandy Bottle Creek on Willeroo Station, Northern Territory. He spent his childhood in the traditional way, learning the stories of the Wardaman people, his mother’s language group. As a young man he began working on cattle stations in the NT. Bill Harney is now an Elder and the last Senior Male Aboriginal custodian of the Wardaman people of the Victoria, Flora, and Katherine River Districts of the Northern Territory of Australia. From 1989, Bill began painting with acrylics on canvas, explored traditional ochres on bark and carved spirit figures from wood.

The carved figures : Gulyulun people travel together during the rains, picking up white pigments and paint themselves up, some with head dress & some with out.

They sing, have ceremonies and trade food and grain with the Brolga on their travels.

Male has high head dress, Female tall round & child.

This is Wadaman country art work, Victoria River