Reggie Pepperil Sultan

Tribe: Penangke

Language: Kaytetye

Country: Barrow Creek/Alice Springs

Date of Birth: 6/7/55

Born in Alice Springs, attended Alice Springs Convent School to grade 5 primary school, became a ward of the state which was run by South Australian Government at the time.

I then went to Enginger boys home in Sydney. After this I went to Yassma boys home were I started to paint.

I then went to Mittagong boys home where I went to school and continued to painting.

I flew back with TAA to Essington boy’s home at Milly point Darwin.

I went to Alice Springs when I was 17years old where I found work on Santa Teresa Station, I still kept painting. It was what I was good at.

Returning to the Alice where I sat down with Namajirra boys and paint.

I then travelled the land by train around the West coast, selling my paintings as I went. I have tried many ventures with my art, postcards, materials etc. I am now living at Marraki Springs where I intend to stay.

At present I am writing a book.

Reggie Sultan is a character in his own right with many stories to tell.

He is an extraordinary artist, with a wonderful, happy sense of humour.


1989: The Sixth National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition,

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin.

1991 Flinders Art gallery Townsville

1993: The Tenth National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition.

1994: Eleventh National Aboriginal Art Award Exhibition.

1994: Australian Heritage Commission national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art award, Old Parliament House Canberra.

1995: The Twelfth National Aboriginal Art Award,

Mural Darwin Entertainment Centre

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