Ngnoia Pollard Napaltjarri

Born: 1948

People: Papunya

Language: Warlpiri- Luritja

Area: MtLiebig, Papunya

Born in Haast Bluff, Ngnoia Pollard is the daughter of Angoona & Jim Tjungurrayi. She is married to Jack Tjamitjinpa Pollard & has five children.

She paints the stories passed on by her father.

Noiga paints swamps near Nyirripi, this painting represents the water drying up and also Walpiri territory assoted with narratives to the ‘water snake’.

heswamps are near her father’s country.


2006 Telstra Art Award Winner 1st

2004 Ngoia received First Prize in the he Advocate Central Australian Award.

2002 the prestigious Northern Territory Art Award – selected

2003 the prestigious Northern Territory Art Award – selected Telstra Award


Thomas Vroom collection on loan to the Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht the Nederland’s;

National Australian Art Gallery, Canberra National Gallery of Australia; Artbank Sydney Artbank; Private and cooperate collections in Australia, Denmark and Germany


2005 Japinka Gallery; Watiyawanu Artists

2004 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney with Lilly Kelly Napangardi

2003,2004 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs,

2003 Chapel off Chapell Gallery (Watiwayanu) Melbourne

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